Top 10: Worst Pandemic In The History Of Mankind 😱 💀

10/10 Yellow fever

This disease is now uncommon, but it was the most feared disease in the world from 1600 to 1900.It is caused by viruses and spread by mosquitoes. People suffer from high headaches, fevers, and nasty muscle pain, and it is almost impossible for anyone to bear such pain. Jaundice is one of the symptoms of this disease in which the body turns yellow.

The person suffering from this dies within 8–10 days. From 1694 to 1855, this contagion spread like wildfire in the USA’s Boston, Philadelphia, and Norfolk, and several people died. In 1878, 1,20,00 people got infected again and 20,000 of them died. Although there is a vaccine for this, a few attacks still occur in some African countries.

9/10 Smallpox in Japan

It is caused by the Variola virus. Fever, rashes, and vomiting afflict the victim. The person also has horrible tongue and throat ulcers. It had a 30% fatality rate. In 735, the plague erupted in a horrific form in Japan’s Kyushu, killing a million people in just two years. The Japanese are still traumatized by the incident, and this disease is seen as a divine curse.

8/10 Hong Kong Fever

The H3N2 virus is the cause of this flu. It’s also a form of influenza that causes coughs, colds, and mild fevers, but 40 million people died from it between 1968 and 1970. The reason for the high number of deaths was a virus mutation.

7/10 Antonine Plague

The Plague, Commonly Known As The Black Death, Is One Of The World’s Oldest Pandemics. It Is Propagated By Rats And Is Induced By A Bacteria Called Pasteurella Pestis. There Is A High, Increasing Temperature, Swollen Lymph Nodes (Known As Buboes), And Blood Starts To Pour From These And Later Turn Black. Even The Roman Empire Was Hit By The Pandemic, Which Is Thought To Be One Of The Reasons For Its Decline. It Assassinated Two Emperors And Destroyed 10% Of The Empire’s Population.

6/10 Third Plague

From 1855 until 1969, this epidemic lasted 104 years! The plague invaded all continents for the first time. It wreaked havoc in many parts of the globe. Hong Kong 1894, Mumbai 1896, Sydney 1900, and Lost Angels (1924) are only a few examples. The death toll is the most frightening aspect. Twelve million individuals died throughout this time frame. At that time, containment zones were created in the same way that they are now, but they were not effective in preventing incursions.


It’s a sexually transmitted disease that was discovered in the United States for the first time in 1981. It also spreads your infectious blood contact. The victim’s body becomes so weak and susceptible that if another virus or bacteria enters, the body can’t handle it and the individual dies. This pandemic, which was first discovered in 1981, is still going on today, affecting about 40 million people. There is still no cure for this disease, which has killed about 20.5 million people in the last 41 years.

4/10 Justinian’s Plague

Many people consider the plague to be history’s worst pandemic. Between 541 and 542, the Byzantine Empire was attacked by this pandemic. 40 million people died, according to records, accounting for 10% of the population at the time.

3/10 Spanish Flu

This pandemic began in 1918, following the end of World War I. It was a crushing blow to the general population, who were recovering from the war’s aftermath. This flu was spread by soldiers returning from war. It was also an influenza strain. In a very short period, this pandemic engulfed the entire planet and claimed the lives of 50 million people.

2/10 Smallpox

The plague’s wrath was so great at the time that it was stated that those who caught it early were lucky, and those who survived saw hell form around them. After all, who wants to witness people’s rotting bodies? The pandemic took nearly one-third of Europe’s population during this period. However, the truth is unknown. This pandemic lasted four years, and in London alone, 100,000 people perished as a result.

1/10 Bubonic Plague

After circulating in Japan in the 7th century, this epidemic wreaked havoc in Mexico in 1520, causing massive destruction. The Tenochtitlan empress governed Mexico at the time, and every person in the empire died solely as a result of this epidemic. Until vaccines were developed, 400 thousand people perished in Europe each year as a result of this.

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An enthusiastic teenager who loves to learn and explore! Welcome to the Wissen Cafe, where you can explore the unexplored!

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